Alexa Illustrations

Role — Art Direction, Illustration
Agency — Amazon, Devices Design Group


Internal / Amazon Devices Design Group


I joined Amazon as an Art Director overseeing the out-of-box experience across their portfolio of products. I was the first hire on the newly formed Tiger team tasked with unifying and simplifying the experience ahead of Echo Show's grand debut to the general public.

In my role, I conceptualized how to bring the story of Alexa into new world devices and teach customers how to ask questions in order to create delight and be of use in everyday activities around the house. My co-workers and I crafted stories around the top go-to-market features our GTM leads where sharing based off their own data.

My deliverables were short, animated explainer videos as well as illustrations highlighting new features that were paramount to the customer experience. I crafted a system based on a kit of parts to create new scenes and interactions as well as to scale our videos for rest-of-world by working with our internationalization team.