Amazon Device Imagery

Role — Creative Direction
Agency — Amazon, Brand Team


Internal / Amazon Devices


In 2017, Amazon's device offering increased beyond the ability of a single owner and a new role was created to oversee the growth of product roadmap while raising the bar on the creative execution as a means of achieving cross-channel consistency in order to earn customer trust through out the shopping experience while purchasing a device. In my role, I worked to streamline our process in order to t-shirt size which products would require more time and effort from our team while also onboarding new members to the production team located in Iași, Romania. while correct inconsistencies across lighting, color balance, shadows, and other common factors.

Working in tandem with a Program Manager and a Technical 3D Designer, together we re-imagined the process in order to scale to meet the demands of device growth within Amazon. After the product launch of 2019, we began transitioning our process and framework over to an emerging marketing team within Alexa organization under SVP, Dave Limp.

Our team of three people worked with Amazon's go-to-market team along with our third party vendors to serve global assets that would work across all marketing channels from print to broadcast and retail.